FAQ – Employers – How to assess the candidates we recommend


How to assess the candidates we recommend

We recommend you the best ranked candidates for hiring, forwarding their Candidate Profiles (see Resources) and Curriculum Vitae, eventually any other relevant candidate’s documents. Follow your own recruitment procedures, we have no special requirements. For a consistent evaluation, we advise you to:

  • DON’T make the top mistake – hiring candidates who are competent but not motivated to do all aspects of the work. Measure candidate’s motivation across all key job requirements.
  • DO require all candidates to answer the same core set of questions – Ask specific, problem-solving type questions. Try as much as possible to avoid the theoretical ones.
  • DO concentrate on evidence – Ask questions that require the candidate to use the past performance/achievement to demonstrate whether the person meets a particular competency requirement.
  • DON’T overvalue presentation skills or your intuition – It takes much more time, insight, and skill to assess the candidate’s suitability to position.
  • DON’T decide on global competence based only on a narrow range of technical skills – This approach ignores critical traits like motivation to do the work, organizational and planning skills, leadership and cultural fit.

How to negotiate with the selected candidates

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