FAQ – Employers – How to prepare your job opening


How to prepare your job opening

Specify the following elements:

  • Employer – Company name, company profile, industry, products/services;
  • Position – Job title, department, key responsibilities, reporting to;
  • Environment – Work location(s), work schedule, travel availability;
  • Ideal candidate – Work experience, professional skills, personal skills, language skills, education, qualifications.

Follow the below recommendations:

  • DO accurately define the job, not the person – Start by focusing on the key requirements and avoid issues that are irrelevant or discriminatory. Use the same criteria for hiring as you do for promotion.
  • DON’T exaggerate the length of experience – The vacancy should state the minimum experience consistent with the required competencies. Often the best performers can achieve the same results with less overall experience.
  • DON’T overstate the expertise – State only the minimum requirements consistent with performing the job. Hiring of an over-qualified employee may be an even worse than of an under-qualified one.
  • DON’T overlook the team skills – Make sure you consider all of the people the person will work with, including their titles and roles. An inability to work in your culture can be destructive.
  • DO double-check the position’s responsibilities against the profile of the ideal candidate – Just because someone possesses the required skills and experiences doesn’t mean the person can deliver the results. Make sure that you don’t inadvertently exclude high-potential candidates.

How to assess the candidates we recommend

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