FAQ – Employers – How to negotiate with the selected candidate


How to negotiate with the selected candidate

Here are few guidelines for a successful negotiation we have learned from our experience:

  • DO fully involve the hiring manager – Must be totally committed to hiring top talents, from defining the position to closing the offer.
  • DON’T rush yourself - Recruitment is about “buying” more than “selling”. If you “sell” too soon, you stop assessing. If your vacancy is attractive, candidates will let you “buy” trying to demonstrate why they’re qualified.
  • DON’T rush the candidate – Accepting your offer is a strategic decision based on opportunity, not a short-term decision based on compensation.
  • DO provide extensive information about the job – Most of the candidates won’t make the decision alone. Provide the right information for the candidate to convince the family and friends.
  • DO be flexible – The best candidates are mostly motivated by professional challenges. If your vacancy does not differ from competition’s, then increase the position’s responsibilities, not only the compensation.

Critical factors for a successful recruitment

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