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Why recruit with SINERTEQ?

  • Save time and money – In-house recruitment is difficult, time-consuming and not always accurate. When you add up the hours spent and opportunity costs, working with us is more cost-effective than undertaking your own recruitment. We have the ability to match ideal candidates to the needs of our clients, due to an extensive domain and market knowledge.
  • Avoid poor hiring – The uninspired employment decisions decreases the team productivity and morale, and increases the costs with training and supervision. Being highly specialized in the IT area, our consultants will better determine suitability and fit of the candidates with your position.
  • Target your search – We assess the matching between the position’s requirements and the profile of the ideal candidate. Our consultants might advise you on how to adjust you vacancy and emphasize the key elements for an attractive offer. We can offer support to define vacancies and advice on salaries, market trends and availability.
  • Reach the real talents – In most cases, the best candidates are satisfied with their current jobs; just spreading the word among employees often brings their best friends rather than the best candidates. We can address your message to both active and passive jobseekers that may be a perfect fit with your organization. Also you may consider our competitive consulting services to get the professional knowledge you need.
  • Maintain confidentiality – Don’t give away your competitive edge. By undertaking your own recruiting, you offer your competitors insight into your company’s direction and success. You can keep all this information fully confidential by working with us.

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