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How to prepare Curriculum Vitae

We do not ask for a specific format, but take note that your Curriculum Vitae is a critical factor of your evaluation, both for us and employers. Therefore we suggest you to:

  • DON’T use the same exact Curriculum Vitae for everything – One doesn’t fit all. Take the time to tailor it for the position you are looking for.
  • DO list your strengths and qualities in fields you that you already excel – Stress your past accomplishments and the skills you used to get the desired results. Your accomplishment statements must grab the attention and quantify the results.
  • DON’T include references to areas of your life or personal opinions – that are not business related, or have nothing to do with your current career goals. This is a business marketing document, so limit the information to facts and business related issues.
  • DO make sure you keep it short and easy to read – It’s a summary, not an autobiography. Use concise, unambiguous sentences and avoid over-writing. The reader is likely to be busy and not inclined to waste time.
  • DON’T make grammar or spelling mistakes – It sounds simple, but all too often such errors make their way onto documents. A spell checker is not enough. Ask a second opinion to make sure you don’t have any obvious errors.

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