FAQ – Jobseekers – Meeting the employer


Meeting the employer

  • DO be flexible – above all else. You’re basically taking a new step in your career, which means you may have to make concessions about job titles, salary or relocation considering the future benefits.
  • DO know whom you are meeting – research the company and team. Going to an interview with no knowledge of the company background or history is sure to result in embarrassment. Spend time researching the company profile and if possible look into the history of specific divisions of the organization. This level of preparation shows interest, resourcefulness and commitment.
  • DO prepare – Although it may seem obvious, it is very important to make sure you you review all of the competencies that you have listed on your Curriculum Vitae. If you claim that you know something, make sure you do know it.
  • DO ask questions – This will demonstrate enthusiasm, preparation and thought. It will also allow you to clarify any areas that you are not sure of with regard to the employer. The interview is a chance for both parties to find out more about each other. Save at least one question for the end of the interview.
  • DON’T badmouth current or past employers – It is better to maintain a positive atmosphere during the interview. You don’t want the employer to think that you might speak that way about his or her company if you leave on terms that aren’t the best.

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