FAQ – Jobseekers – Advancing your career


Advancing your career

  • DO focus on the job, not the employer – Start by defining the expected position rather than an hypothetical employer that might not exist.
  • DON’T limit yourself to similar careers or jobs – Look for opportunities that take advantage of both your skills and your interests. Consider your strengths and qualities in fields that you may excel.
  • DON’T worry if you feel a bit insecure or unsure – When considering a career change these feelings are normal. Focus on defining your expectations and the potential benefits.
  • DON’T have unrealistic expectations – By doing so, you may ignore high-potential job opportunities.
  • DO double-check your expectations against the targeted job – Just because you possess certain skills and experiences doesn’t mean you can achieve the objectives required by the targeted job. This verification ensures that you don’t set inadequately the parameters of your search.

How to prepare Curriculum Vitae

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